What is this all about?

The book "Will it Waffle?" tackles that very question — thereby expanding the frontiers of waffling. (In other words, the book offers alternative recipes for your waffle iron.) The blog explores waffling too. 

How can I keep up with the book and the blog?

First, buy the book on AmazonBarnes & Noble or Indiebound. Then join the Facebook page and tell friends about it. Oh, and follow me on Twitter

So when's the book out?

Tuesday, Aug. 26.

What kind of waffle iron do you own?

I started with a circa 1985 Kenmore, which I nicknamed Sparky. Later, I picked up this Belgian-style waffle iron, which I'm quite happy with. Over time, I added to my collection. I now have six waffle irons. 

Do you exist elsewhere on the Internet?

Yes! Like most people, I also exist off the Internet, but that's not why we're here. You can find out about the upcoming book as well as other food- and waffle-related nonsense by following me on Twitter or joining the Facebook page. I post judiciously; I won't blow up your Facebook or Twitter feed, I promise.