What is this all about?

The book "Will it Waffle?" tackles the very question posed in its title — thereby expanding the frontiers of waffling. (In other words, the book offers non-waffle recipes for your waffle iron.) The blog explores waffling too. 

How can I keep up with the book and the blog?

First, pick up a copy at your local bookstore. Or find it on AmazonBarnes & Noble and Indiebound. Then join the Facebook page and tell friends about it. Oh, and follow along on Twitter. That should do it. (Although, since you asked, there's a Pinterest account too.)

What kind of waffle iron do you own?

I started with a circa 1985 Kenmore, which I nicknamed Sparky. Later, I picked up this Belgian-style waffle iron, which I'm quite happy with. Over time, I added to my collection. I now have six waffle irons. I also have an above-average amount of cabinet space.

What's the deal with the Amazon links on this site?

Purchasing via the Amazon links on this site means that a small portion of the purchase price finds its way back to me.